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If you are forced to pull the trigger, we provide the attorney at no cost to you.

Get protected with our legal defense program today!

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Laws won’t keep you out of Jail. Our attorneys can.

Affordable Membership

We make it affordable for firearm owners to take advantage of 100% direct payment of attorney fees; and other benefits including dedicated support. We help members learn, understand and exercise their legal rights.

Security & Peace of Mind

When you use your firearm for lawful defense of yourself, others or property it is unexpected and highly stressful.  Don’t walk through this alone and risk what you’ve worked so hard for- your savings, retirement and financial assets.

Unparalleled Legal Expertise

We offer the largest network of experienced Criminal and Civil Attorneys.  They have successfully handles hundreds of cases, pertaining to firearms laws and statutes.

Commitment to Service

We facilitate communication and work with your defense attorney to ensure that you are taken care of and your rights are protected.

Protection plans to fit your needs.

Firearms Legal Protection knows that each person and family may need different levels of
self-defense protection, so we created simple plans that meet those needs.

*All plans have a one-time set up fee of $19.95 for individuals or $39.90 for families due with first payment.  Plans do not include appeal related costs.  Minor children are considered under the age of 18 and residing in the member’s home.  Certain limitations apply.  See our Legal Service Contract Membership Agreement for additional specificity.

Also join the NRA and help protect our 2nd Amendment Rights!

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